Monday, May 20, 2019

What is Life

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There was a time where I was pregnant and gained all this absolutely beautiful weight. Well, it was more like I gained a small whale. I guess eating those whole cakes, even though some had fruit, wasn't the best choice I could've made. But at the time, that was all...
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As a mother and an adult, I majorly lack in some areas. Especially the arena of self care. Even during my military days, I always took care of others way before myself. I mean I washed my ass and brushed my teeth, but getting the newest items never crossed...
mommy meltdown, meltdown meme, funny meltdown, mommy meltdown funny
Today's mommy meltdown is brought to you in part by an overly intelligent 15-month-old and a set of ridiculous lungs. The sun pleasantly peeked through my bedroom blinds, quietly playing peek-a-boo with me as I lay in bed pretending to be asleep still as little miss vivacious was rustling about...
maternity pillow, maternity, mommy meltdown, funny meltdown, meltdown funny
At one point in time I bought a maternity pillow to help with my many sleepless nights. It didn't really help my last three months of pregnancy because I was the size of a small two-legged whale. However, now it's mainly used for biology hates me monthly visitor. This mornings...

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