Monday, May 20, 2019

Toddler Meltdown

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Have you ever seen a toddler throw a tantrum at their 10 year old brother, and then their 10 year old brother throws a tantrum because their sister threw a tantrum? No? Neither have I, until today and it was unlike anything I have ever seen in my house...
toddler meltdown, phases of toddler meltdowns, toddler graphic, toddler infographic
Toddlers meltdowns occur for absolutely no reason most times. Sometimes they happen for reasons that we can't explain.  I decided to take every meltdown I have experienced from babysitting to my own children to make an infographic demonstrating the phases of toddler meltdowns, their causes and possible treatments. 
So you’ve probably got a pretty solid idea of what it’s like to be the parent to this little insanely active toddler. Between the morning headbanging sessions or the daily ninja escapades she’s always up to something, or getting into something. Whelp, she managed to top any and every...
mommy meltdown, toddler meltdown, toddler,
So there we were, at a complete standoff with Saoirse and the newly bought chair. So why is a chair so important, let alone, so special to this little girl of mine. Well, long story short, we homeschool and this was her brothers brand new chair that came with...

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