Monday, May 20, 2019

Mommy Meltdown

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My oldest, who's currently ten, is a tween and going through quite a bought of attitude. It's so bad, that even correcting the most minor of incidents incites a coup d'etat. God forbid it be a major incident, because correcting that...well let's just say, it never ends well. For...
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The day that I decided my time in the Army was done, my husband -- at the time, he was the fiance no one knew about -- told me that things were going to be hard. I honestly thought he was joking. I mean what could be so hard about...
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There was a time where I was pregnant and gained all this absolutely beautiful weight. Well, it was more like I gained a small whale. I guess eating those whole cakes, even though some had fruit, wasn't the best choice I could've made. But at the time, that was all...
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As a mother and an adult, I majorly lack in some areas. Especially the arena of self care. Even during my military days, I always took care of others way before myself. I mean I washed my ass and brushed my teeth, but getting the newest items never crossed...

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