Monday, May 20, 2019

A little bit ABOUT ME


Hi and welcome to my blog! I'm just trying to learn this stay-at-home mom thing one day at a time.


Hi, I’m Angel, the super tired and annoyed looking one on the left. Born and bred in Alabama, currently living in Virginia, and hating every minute of it. This blog is about the meltdowns that occur in my house. Whether it’s my toddler becoming a professional ninja and escaping her crib, while coming to say hi to me while I’m going to the bathroom. My 11 year old having an earth shattering meltdown doing 3-digit math. My husband fighting an inanimate object because it didn’t do what he told it to. My cat bolting up and down the stairs, screeching at blood curdling levels, the song of her people. Or just me debating on making a tall glass of Jack and Coke with little to no ice just to drown out the stomps, screeches, banshee wails, and anxiety based tears. Excuse the picture. The last time we tried to actually "take" photos, my oldest picked his nose the whole time.