• When you're #21monthsold is on that special fancy
  • My #21monthsold is something else right now. I personally think she's broken 😂😂☠️
  • She wasn't trying to sleep when we initially laid her down...
So her little #toddler body decided it was nap time. ❤️
  • Family day at the #zoo
There was lots of #velociraptor screams
Lots of running off.
Lots of "those kids"
Lots of fuck it's hot
But the kids had a blast
  • Every morning we are blessed to have this little #toddler girl's face uncomfortably close to ours.All as she babbles random nonsense while making sure we can't look away.Remember - that's how children of the corn started.
  • We were in the car for 6 hours. 3 one way and 3 home, to hang out with the inlaws before we moved.She was incredibly tired and hadn't napped at all yesterday. So her big brother helped keep her entertained.#toddlergigglesarethebest
  • What #marriage ends in...
Arguments over pictures
  • When your #toddler gets frustrated over not being able to take her shirt off.
I can't right now.
  • This little girl is a ball of cooky we never saw coming.
  • I think my #toddler is broken